Minggu, Februari 05, 2006

Nice Sunday at Jogjakarta

Today, i was spent my nice sunday in jogjakarta. I think it's nice because i really enjoy with every single time there. Yesterday, i'm starting the trip from Purwokerto at 6.00 PM and sniffing the air of 'Giwangan Bus Station' at 10.30 PM. Then i'm calling my friend 'Nasrul' but he can't pic me up because of the meeting at 'Riau Students Residence' somewhere in Taman Siswa. So i call my cousin 'Nanda' but again, he can't pick me up just because he already on a train to home (Cikampek) :(. Praise be to God, 'Mas Igun' can pick me up when i ask him after all. Then go to 'ISI Jogja', who his boarding house is there. After eating some 'Roasted Chicken' at food stall, we make a chat each other. About a day living, our campus, working day, a new business of our own and everything is going down simply. Later 'Nasrul' is coming from the meeting, and join our conversation maybe until 2.30 AM. And i was the first to sleep.

Morning call, i'm ready to do something again. After share our knowledge in portal, e-agent, and e-commerce web development i'm going to wash my body. 'Nasrul' ask to leave to bring his parent in law to go to ATFG for therapy. At 11.00 AM, i go with 'Mas Igun' to my friend 'Ajibon' near STIEKERS and 'Mas Igun' ask to leave to the campus. With 'Ajibon', i've a breakfast at angkringan - eat some sego kucing and friends :). Also with nice chat about building a new business at our city - Bumiayu. After dhuhur, i ask to leave to Book Shopping Center near Taman Budaya Jogjakarta. I try to find a book 'PHP POS' written by Mr. Rusmanto and published by Dian Rakyat. Not found, 'Bu Jamal' says that she can't get enough profit from the publisher. What can i say? only thanks, maybe i can get it from 'Toga Mas' or 'Social Agency' or maybe some other time. But, i've got some goodies from Mr. TDW - the title of book is 'Financial Revolution' :).

After that, i go around into the Beringhardjo Market to buy a thin leather wallet to my cousin in law 'Mas Andi' but i can't find the good one. So, nothing to loose and then i go to my former boarding house near Jombor bus station. Meet my friends, talk about everythings until Ashar time goes down. Hungry, the next feeling of me right there. With 'Adi Gondhes' i'm eating 'Rawon' at Penyet shop in front of my former campus.

So, what's next? it's time to go back home...
Funny things at the Giwangan bus station was founded, i meet my girlfriend parent there. They will go to Tegal, this day they already walk around jogja with their doughter 'Dian' -- ATC/Pramugari Student and 'Nelly'. What a nice things :). At the trip to Purwokerto, i meet 'Wahyu' -- an employee of a Bank somewhere in Purwokerto. We share our experience with some good place in Java such as Selecta, Batu, Malang, Jember and about some solidarity action of PTB (Puwokerto Tiger Brother). At 09.55 PM, it's Purwokerto again...

See you next time guys,
i promise that tommorow i'll set a good day too :).

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Joanie Mack mengatakan...

Ah, jadi rindu Jawa Tengah dan Jawa Timur. Kapan ya bisa Tour de Java lagi... :-(

damarhadi mengatakan...

Pulang kampung wooii :)