Sabtu, Januari 14, 2006

Postnuke, FCKeditor dan ADOdb

Three of these new things is really new for me. I remember that, i don't have much time to spent with them when i was at my college. Maybe, because of less knowledge or less communication with Web Community such as toekangweb and postnuke-id. Then, the facts is "people only get 1% knowledge at the college". And the 99% will be accepted when they've spent much more time with the project (clasically, practice makes perfect).

Postnuke, is Powerful Simple Content Management System. We can 'oprek' postnuke until the deep inside of the system. Making a new module, own block, theme is not that easy dude :). This is great! We can do anything we want only in a minutes. I've try out mamboo/joomla but, everytime i always focused only in the interface.

FCKeditor, just want to have editor just like blogger WYSIWYG editor. I've try out to make up my own toolbar, and it works. Some problem is about initialising the 'BasePath'; but it's now fixed with a little trial and error.

ADOdb, is Library modul for databases server.
Support MySql, M$. SqlServer, PosgreSql, Oracle at least.

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