Jumat, Maret 10, 2006

Masalah di Debian Bash

Atas dasar beberapa pertimbangan, samba server di kantor migrasi dari gentoo linux menjadi debian. Ketemu problem di bash, tombol home dan end tidak berfungsi seperti biasanya. Repot, kalau mau koreksi perintah jadi lama :p
Tadinya mau nanya di milis jogja-linux, coba gugling dulu dan...
Jacob Friis Larsen wrote:

How do I make the Home button work as expected?

Supposing you are referring to Bash, I'm going to guess the expected
behavior when depressing the "Home" key is for the cursor to move to the
first character of the editing (not necessarily visual) line.

The simplest solution might be to become accustomed to using:
ctrl-A: move cursor to first character
ctrl-E: move cursor to end character

Then see section Readline Command Names of the Bash manual (man bash)
for additional default key bindings. They are similar to Emacs key bindings. Although you can also configure Bash to provide line editing similar to how vi would.

But to actually fix the issue with the Home key, given your email
host name, this may be a key map issue. I think we would first need to
know whether you are using a shell through an X terminal emulator, or on
the virtual console.

If the former, I would look to solve the issue with 'xmodmap'. If the
later, I would look to 'loadkeys'. Although there may be better or more
appropriate solutions.


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